Hair's the Handle Weaving Hair

If you are wanting to change your hairdo, give your natural hair a break from perms and coloring, or if you are a weave diva and just want to try something new, hair's the handle weaving hair. Let's take an up close and personal look weaving hair so you can make a smart and informed decision with your next purchase.

You have to decide if you desire a complete sew-in or if you like leaving some of your own hair out to blend with your weave. Tread gently with this because here's where one of the biggest errors in the market is often made. Hair that doesn't match in texture or color frequently leads to a hot mess, unless you like that appearance. Of course you can perm and color your very own hair to match your weave, but do you truly want to go through the hassle of doing all that? Some don't mind and that's okay. Be sure if you are leaving a few of your natural hair out that it mixes well. Find eyelash extensions

What Type of Hair/Style Do You Want

This can be difficult, if you're new to the weave video game. Do you wish to go shorter with 8, 10, or 12 inches, or would you like a remarkable change with a 20, 22, 24 inch? It's all a matter of personal preference, but keeps these 3 things in mind: 1) the longer the weave the more hair you will require. 2) Not sure about the length, get a ruler or tape measure and measure the length from the nape of your neck. Of course, it can be cut, if wanted. 3) Depending on your design, you might have to do simply as much if not more to keep your view a day-to-day basis. If you want a design where you can get up and go possibly select something with some texture to it might work well.

A weave doesn't indicate you don't have to do anything. All hairstyles require some kind of maintenance, however if you're the type of does not mind curling their hair every early morning or setting rollers at night, a straight or loose curl would work well. If you prefer to get up and go, possibly something with a curl might be a much better choice.

Exactly what is Your Budget?

Here's where some individuals come a cropper. You stroll into a hair supply store and see that advertisement of human hair for $9.99 for 20, 20 inches and you lose your mind. It's the deal of the century and you want in on it, right. But hang on for a 2nd - is this genuine hair or a "blend"? That's best they're now blending human with synthetic hair and calling it a blend mix or Mastermix, so take care when selecting your hair.

The extreme reverse is the hair bundles behind the counter. Oh these should be really special because they are keeping them safe, best. Well just because the price states $$89.99, $129, or even $149.99 (yes, some hair does cost that much - and for one bundle), doesn't imply that you are getting the very best value.

How Long Will It Last

For how long a weave will last depend upon you and the kind of hair you purchase. If you're searching for a cute design for a special celebration or something to last a few weeks, artificial or blended hair might not be a bad concept. If you're looking for something long term to possibly offer your hair a break or you do not like altering styles frequently; human hair is the only way to go.

Now the question of how long will it last primarily depends on how you care for your hair. Of course synthetic hair will not last as long as human hair, however if you don't preserve human hair it will not last either, and it doesn't matter how much you've invested in it.

What our satisfied clients say

"There is absolutely nothing worse than poor quality hair that simply doesn't hold up."

- Janice Parker